Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Banners Sold Out!

  • The following is an update from our Corporate offices regarding this month's Constant Campaign.

    Replacement Offered for Constant Campaign Free Item‏

The supply of mini banners for the June Constant Campaign has been depleted. We are pleased to offer a substitution for this free item—the My Creations Milk Carton (Z1739), with an original retail value of $4.95.  The Milk Carton will be available for free under the same purchasing criteria as the previous offer, and is also while supplies last. This Milk Carton substitution is primarily being offered to provide a bridge for customers who may have already placed orders and anticipated a free item, but due to the rapid outage over the weekend were unable to receive one. 
Please note that the Milk Carton is also in limited supply and we do not anticipate it remaining in stock for the duration of June.

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