Friday, June 7, 2013

BPC Pajama Party Project

Here is my Big Picture Classes Pajama Party project I created the night of the free class.  It was a fun webcast & being on the chat with other crafters, that is until my laptop lost its connection for some unknown reason and I lost my live stream for a while!  I just kept working on my kraft container though and the live stream came back and I was able to watch the rest.  The next Pajama Party will be in July. I'll share more details for it as the time gets closer.

Here is the picture of my completed kraft container.  I'm more of a blue kind of gal, so I used a different sheet of paper from the Chantilly paper pack.  I also learned that I did not have the correct Trinkets Wooden Shapes on hand like I thought I did, so I improvised with the butterfly from the Garden Wooden Shapes I did have available.  I do have some of the Trinkets on order.

This picture shows the lid off with all of the creativity prompts that was one of the downloads available during the class.  There are some very fun prompts in there!

Until my next post, happy crafting!

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