Saturday, December 15, 2012

New "While Supplies Last" items!!

New items added to the "While Supplies Last" section of my website.  Go here or click on one of the items below to go to my site to get your items fast before they are gone!

While Supplies Last

A plethora of discounted and retired products are available to you at phenomenal prices. Check back often to take advantage of these products that are offered while supplies last!
SHIPPING NOTE: Please note that shipping on all discounted items is based on the original retail price, NOT the discounted price. FedEx Ground shipping in the US is calculated at 7.95% of your retail order total or $7.95, whichever is greater; Landmark Ground shipping in Canada is calculated at 10% of your retail order total or $10, whichever is greater.

$11.95 $2.50 X5922

$11.95 $2.50 X5926

$11.95 $2.50 X5923

$11.95 $2.50 X5925

$11.95 $2.50 X5924

$9.50 $3.00 X5630

$9.50 $3.00 1240

$9.50 $3.00 1295

$9.50 $3.00 5590

$9.50 $3.00 1241

$7.95 $1.70 Z1266

$3.25 $1.25 Z1092

$3.25 $1.25 Z1093

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