Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Team Awards

I almost forgot to post these.  My upline Mandy brought them by to me yesterday.  When she signed up to be a Consultant I believe almost 10 years ago, she lived in Michigan.  So her upline and the majority of our team - Northern Stars are in the Michigan area.  I've never been to Michigan, but would love to go at some point to attend one of the team meetings.  I get to hear all about them on our team board and they always sounds like so much fun!  Everyone that I've met at Convention's of the team are all such wonderful ladies!  Anyway, Mandy brought these by to me yesterday and it is exciting to see my name so I have to share with you!  Thank you Dana for getting these mailed to me!



  1. WooHoo Pam!!! Dana awards are the best :)
    hugs, Holly

  2. Yes they are! I received 1 after the last big meeting, but 4 I was so excited! So wish I lived closer so I could attend one of the meetings!