Friday, July 27, 2012

Convention 2012

Many of you saw my sneak peek at new products recently while I was attending Convention.  Now I want to share some other pictures with you!

My team holds a team meeting on the night before Convention officially starts and at the team meeting we have a project we can complete.  Aren't these cupcake holders just adorable!!  This was our team meeting project, cupcake not included, bummer :o)

With Convention being held in Dallas, TX it had the whole western theme. My 2nd upline Dana provided us all with these mustaches, with the idea to use these Magical Mustaches to make people smile!  Are you smiling at my roommate Karen, myself and Krafty Kristin??  If not you should be!   

This was our team meeting photo.  Such a wonderful group of ladies!

And this was our Mustache group photo!  

The next morning while waiting for the doors to open to start Convention I ran into my friend Rochelle Crawford (in the black shirt) and she gave me the adorable cupcake I am holding in this picture.  I'll post a close up of it too.  In this picture are - myself, Jennifer Wolford (friend on Consultant Facebook boards), Alicia Olson (my roomie), Rochelle & Karen Kruger (one of my other roomies).

Here are the close up photos of the cupcake Rochelle made for me.  You pull on the cherry and there is a Starbucks gift card inside.  She is so stinkin' talented and I feel very special to have received it from her!

Now on to the doors have opened and Convention begins!!
This was looking around the room waiting for the fun to start!  A ballroom full of excited women, and a few men.  Cowbow Andy welcomed everyone and sang Deep in the Heart of Texas and then asked us all to join him in singing along with the words on the screen.  It was the Close to my Heart version.  We sang along while the VPs were brought to the stage.  

Above is Jeanette Lynton, our Founder & CEO for Close to my Heart.  I really admire this woman!

Convention begins with the VPs taking the stage to start the announcements of exciting new products.  And with this only being my 2nd Convention, I love that CTMH VPs get involved, have fun & laugh along with us with the skits and videos they create.  

This is when Sheriff Brian is on the search for "Who Shot J.R. Lynton?"

In Sheriff Brian's quest to find out "Who Shot J.R.", he ran into the "Craftin'" family and we learned of some new embellishments & 3D products.


Next was the Real Crafters of Dallas.  This video skit was hilarous!! 
The new Home Decor Workshop on the Go - Advent Calendar kit. 

We now have 4 towers - 10 colors of pigment inks each for only $19.95. 

Some exciting changes announced by Lulu & Bonnie Duke.  New Express Collections, no more Memberships, access to all kits and patterns!

We had our own Dallas Crafty Cheerleaders showing off new organizational products! 

And of course the announcement we were all waiting to hear - the New Cricut Artiste Cartridge!!   
Below is an Exclusive Workshop on the Go Spellbound Cricut Kit.

Before General Session was over we did learn "Who Shot J.R.?"  A staff photographer, the very one that took the pictures for the new Idea Book/Catalog came on stage and said she could answer the question of Who Shot J.R.?  It was her, she was doing a photo shoot of Jeanette!

Upon leaving General Session, we received this lovely bag that can be used as a backpack or as shoulder carry, full of supplies.  These last pictures were taken at my home to show off the bag, but this is how we received it!  Full of new products with our new Idea Book!!

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