Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retiring Items

Thanks to the courtesy of  another Consultant for creating this complete list of retiring items effective Jan 31st or while supplies last.  Contact me or go to my website here to order items.


Typeset, Roxie, Elemental, & Sonoma WOTG 
Dreamin' Level 2 paper, Stickease & WOTG 
Mischief Level 2 paper, Complements Rub ons, WOTG 
Believe Level 2 paper, Stickease & WOTG 
Wonderland Level 2 paper, Stickease & WOTG
Lucky Level 2, Stickease,
Fanfare Level 2, Stickease,
Sophia Level 2, Stickease, Level 2 Journaling
Mayberry Level 2, Stickease,  

Colonial White Collection 
Grosgrain Ribbon - Cranberry, Cocoa, Colonial White, White Daisy (Sweet Leaf still available) 
Wings Level 2 Assortment Ribbon 
Embroidery Floss (all gone except neutral) 
Waxy Flax (all gone except black, chocolate, bamboo, colonial white) 
Designer Brads - Colonial White & Pewter 
Mini-Medley - Antique Copper & Colonial White 
Soft Set Eyelets 
Midnight Felt Shapes 
Harvest Charms 
Holiday Pockets 
Top Coats Icing Overlays 
Lucky Level 2 assortment 
Lucky Level 2 Journaling spots 
Bliss Level 2 Assortment 
Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment 
Fanfare Level 2 Assortment 
Just Blooms - Spring Blossom and White Daisy Variety Pack 
Color Ready Alphabets 
Dimensional Elements - On Target, Flurry, Hearts (replaced w/Art Philosophy version) 
My Creations Board Book 
My Creations 9"x9" Memory Showcase 
My Creations Journal
Rubber Brayer 
Soft Set Eyelet Tool


A1098 Adoption 
A1101 Always in My Heart 
A1102 A Posy 
A1103 A Love 
A1105 A Paisley 
A1112 A Hop 
B1309 Fun Times 
B1322 Believe in Your Dream 
B1323 Just the Ticket 
B1324 Bunny Love 
B1343 Beloved 
B1350 Family Ties - Pets 
B1351 You're Sweet 
B1352 Ms. Scrapbook 
B1353 A Little Buzz 
B1354 Boom! 
B1364 Take Luck 
B1368 Baby Love 
B1372 Circle Together 
B1373 Beautiful Butterflies 
B1375 Summer Days 
C1305 Family 
C1337 Just for Girls 
C1338 Just for Boys 
C1339 Kanji Phrases 
C1345 Family Ties - Children 
C1346 Family Ties - Adults 
C1349 Ambiance 
C1351 You Did It 
C1355 Let's Go Camping 
C1356 Extreme Happiness 
C1359 Sweet Baby 
C1360 It''s a Zoo 
C1363 Beary Best 
C1364 TLC 
C1365 Makin' Waves 
C1368 Treetops 
C1385 Charmed 
C1390 So Lucky 
C1395 Enjoy Every Moment 
C1396 Love Birds 
C1397 Smiles 
C1399 On the Edge 
C1403 In the Month of February 
C1404 In the Month of March 
C1405 In the Month of April 
C1407 Hot Diggity 
C1409 Beary Busy 
C1411 Birthday Boy 
C1414 Little Princess 
C1415 In the Month of May 
C1416 In the Month of June 
C1417 In the Month of July 
C1422 Unity 
C1436 Birthday Blast 
C1437 Happy Moments 
C1438 Tea Time 
C1443 From My Heart 
C1444 Precious Love 
C1445 Bless This Nest 
C1446 Retro Tech 
C1447 Carefree 
C1448 Magic Tabs 
C1449 Blooming Layers 
C1451 Down by the Sea 
C1453 Summer Breeze 
C1454 Horizon 
C1460 His and Hers 
C1461 Salutation Seals 
D1187 For Every Occasion 
D1191 Friendship Blessings 
D1254 Soul Mates Word Puzzle 
D1297 Daydream 
D1298 Beautiful Things 
D1300 Circle Around 
D1320 Shining Star 
D1322 Adorning Corners 
D1330 Connections 
D1336 Cupcake Sprinkles 
D1337 Love Always 
D1346 You Rock 
D1348 Priceless Love 
D1353 Campin' Fever 
D1357 Post Card 
D1361 Thank You 
D1364 Recipe Box 
D1365 True Happiness 
D1367 Bon Appetit 
D1377 Around the Block 
D1378 Notice the Details 
D1399/W329 Dream Big 
D1402 Togetherness 
D1403 Star Power 
D1404 Ms. Chillin' 
D1407 Piece of Cake 
D1408 A Little Everything 
D1409 Flower Pot 
D1410 One of a Kind 
D1413 Cherished Flourishes 
D1414 Paisley Praise 
D1415 Springtime 
D1425 Thrill Ride 
D1426 Over the Rainbow 
D1427 Tasty Treats 
D1431 Happy Holidays 
D1432 X-treme 
D1434 You're Great 
D1435 Howdy 
D1438 Circle of Love 
D1441 Royal Birth 
D1451 Trellis 
D1460 Love Ya! 
D1461 Ciao 
D1463 Backgrounds & Borders 
D1465 Fill in the Blanks 
D1466 Catching Waves 
D1468 On This Day 
D1470 Dreams Come True 
D1471 Crusin' 
D1473 Two-Step Backgrounds 
D1474 Hero

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Retiring Accessories List

With the receipt of the much anticipated Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog, I want to extend a big Thank you to fellow Consultant - Kathleen Stoppelmoor for taking the time to create the following list and sharing it with us!

The following items are not in the new catalog, so if you see something you want, need, must have - then you better get them before the new catalog goes live on Feb 1st.  Contact me to order your items, or go to my website here to order.

(page references are from Autumn/Winter 2011 book) 

pg 124 
Colonial White Ribbon collection - Z1126 - $7.95 
Cranberry grosgrain ribbon - Z1103 - $6.95 
Cocoa grosgrain ribbon - Z1100 - $6.95 
Colonial White grosgrain ribbon - Z1102 - $6.95 
White Daisy grosgrain ribbon - Z270 - $6.95 
Wings Level 2 Assortment - Z1398 - $4.95 

pg 125 
Embroidery Floss - Red/Pink - Z1092 - $3.25 
Embroidery Floss - Green - Z1094 - $3.25 
Embroidery Floss - Blue/Purple - Z1093 - $3.25  
Waxy Flax - Cranberry - Z1086 - $3.95 
Waxy Flax - Sorbet - Z1249 - $3.95 
Waxy Flax - Juniper - Z1248 - $3.95 
Waxy Flax - Crystal Blue - Z1247 - $3.95 

pg 126 
Designer Brads - Colonial White - Z1274 - $3.95 
Designer Brads - Pewter - Z1146 - $3.95 

pg 127 
Mini Medley - Antiqued Copper - Z1275 - $4.95 
Mini Medley - Colonial White - Z1276 - $4.95 
Foundry Metal - Bookplates - Z1147 - $3.50 
Soft Set Eyelets - Black and White Daisy - Z1228 - $3.95 
Soft Set Eyelets - Chocolate and Colonial White - Z1229 - $3.95 

pg 128 
Midnight Felt Shapes - Z1462 - $3.95 
Harvest Charms - Z1633 - $4.95 
Holiday Packets - Z1486 - $4.95 
Top Coats Icing Overlays - Z1468 - $4.95 
Lucky Level 2 Assortment - Z1356 - $4.95 
Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots - Z1359 - $3.95 
Bliss Level 2 Assortment - Z1355 - $5.95 
Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment - Z1386 - $4.95 
Fanfare Level 2 Assortment - Z1400 - $4.95 
Spring Blossom - Z1266 - $7.95 
White Daisy Variety Pack - Z1300 - $5.95 

pg 129 
Cardstock - Black 8-1/2 x 11 - X1412 - $5.50 
Cardstock - Colonial White 8-1/2 x 11 - X1411 - $6.75 
Cardstock - White Daisy 8-1/2 x 11 - 1320 - $6.75 
Color Ready Alphabets - Oxford - X5749 - $3.95 
Color Ready Alphabets - Hodge Podge - X1406 - $3.95 

pg 130 
Dimensional Elements - On Target - Z1226 - $5.95 
Dimensional Elements - Flurry - Z1225 - $4.95 

pg 131 
My Creations - Board Book - Z1310 - $6.95 
My Creations - Journal - Z1268 - $7.95 
My Creations - Memory Showcase 9x9 - Z1198 - $5.95 

pg 132 
Rubber Brayer - Z616 - $12.95 

pg 133 
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95 
Eyelet Tool Replacement Punches - Z1245 - $2.95 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December class layout using Believe

This month and year is almost over!  So hard to believe!  Below is the layout my monthly class made using Believe papers.  I had also found a ribbon weaving technique on a blog, could not tell you where I found it now unfortunately!  So I taught them that technique and we made the wreaths shown in the second picture.

 CTMH Believe paper pack
Holiday Pockets
Christmas Love & The Works Alphabet stamp sets
Cranberry Grosgrain Bulk Ribbon
Sparkles - Red, Blue & Green
Green ribbon & red and green pom ribbon used purchased at Michael's

Blog Candy at The Stamping Boutique!

The Stamping Boutique is offering blog candy to one lucky follower!  It's valued at over $100.00 and includes designer papers, rubons, embellishments, red rubber stamps from TSB and the list goes on and on.  

Click here to see the details -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Desk Calendar, Art Canvas & Vase

Check out some wonderful DIY home decor items that CTMH Corporate office has created using our products!

Ah, home sweet home, where we get to decorate to our heart’s delight! Add these beautiful DIY d├Ęcor pieces to your home to live inspired every day. We’ve chosen a sleek color scheme of Grey Flannel, Black, and White Daisy, with a pop of Pear, and we used the graphic flowers from the My Acrylix® Dreamin’ Workshop set to add subtle texture to the White Daisy paper in the desk calendar and art canvas. Here are a few hints for you as you create these chic projects.
Desk Calendar
Desk Calendar
  • Create the triangular base of this calendar by folding a 12" × 12" piece of chipboard at the 3" and 7 1/2" marks.
  • Insert three pins from the Bling assortment (Z1466) and clip the sharp ends if they protrude too much. (Tip: You can use hot glue on the back to anchor the pins.)
  • Cut twelve 3 1/2" scalloped squares from Pear cardstock using the shape on the Cricut® Art Philosophy cartridge (Z1686) and sponge the edges with Pear ink.
  • Cut twelve 3 1/2" squares from Grey Flannel cardstock and sponge edges with Grey Flannel ink.
  • Use the 3" chipboard squares from the My Creations® memory game (Z1614) for the date tiles. Stamp the background flower pattern in second generation using Grey Flannel ink and then stamp the month or numbers with black StazOn® ink. Sponge the edges with Grey Flannel ink. (Tip: Stamp two of numbers 1 and 2. Stamp one each of numbers 3 – 9 and 0.)
  • Back each month and date tile with the 24 pieces of cardstock and then punch a hole in the top for easy hanging.
Art Canvas
Art Canvas
  • Cut a piece of cardstock to the size of your canvas. (Tip: Do all your stamping and inking first before attaching the cardstock to the canvas.)
  • Select four or five alphabet stamp sets, varying the size and styles. (Tip: You can create this “subway art” look with whatever alphabet sets you have on hand.)
  • Choose a few simple icon stamps to fill in empty areas.
  • Play around with the placement and spacing of the letters and icons before stamping.
  • Stamp the words and icons with black StazOn® ink.
  • Attach the finished cardstock piece using a thin coat of Mod Podge applied to the canvas.
  • Cut out 130 2" scalloped circles from Grey Flannel cardstock using the shape on the Cricut® Art Philosophy cartridge (Z1686) or by punching the circles using the 2" scallop circle punch (Z1392).
  • Staple the circles together in stacks of five.
  • Squeeze and scrunch the edges then adhere two stapled sets together on the flat sides to create a spherical shape.
  • Sponge edges with Grey Flannel ink if desired.
  • Place the finished flowers inside a glass carafe or vase.
  • Wrap Sweet Leaf ribbon from the Designer Ribbon green collection (Z1616) around the neck of the vase to accent.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rock the Block

Here is a sneak peek at December's "Rock the Block" campaign.  As well as a sneak peek at some of the products that will be in the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog!  I received mine just yesterday and hope to start creating with it later today or tomorrow!

And a look at the video Corporate created for this.  Hope you enjoy!  Contact me to get yours in a few days!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A couple of cards & a layout too!

I had my first official Home Gathering this weekend.  I was pretty nervous & super excited about it all wrapped up in one!  I met the Hostess, Audrey at the Billings Clinic Crop for the Cure I attended last month, and I could not have asked for a better first time Hostess!  She had the date and time planned out for her friends to come over for the Gathering and then stay to crop the rest of the night.  For some it was their first introduction to Close to my Heart, others had seen a catalog or ordered in the past.  Anyway, she had tables set up for everyone and she had soup cooking, brownies and bars made for her guests along with sodas and some yummy coffee throughout the day.  I had a layout prepared for them to make, along with a couple of cards to do if they liked.  The party started at 2pm, but when I left at around 8:30pm some of the ladies were still creating and getting crafty!  I met some really nice ladies and will be doing other parties for them in the future.  I'm really looking forward to it!  And the best part, Audrey got to order her Art Philosophy collection at half price with her rewards!!

Here is the layout I took over for them to make.
All CTMH products used.
Dreamin' paper pack
Art Philosophy cartridge for date tag
Love Life, Cherish the Day (Nov SOTM) & Trinity Alphabet stamp sets
Goldrush & Pacifica cardstock
Harvest Charms
Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon
and Antiqued Copper brads
Sketch is Sweet Symphony from the Imagine book.

Some of the ladies had requested before the party to see the Bundled Buddies stamp set, so I made this card using Wonderland papers and the Bundled Buddies stamp set.  Also some Liquid Applique for their hats and snow.

This was the other card they could make at the party.  Either a "Just a little note" or "Thanks a bunch" card using Elemental papers, A Little Thanks & Unscripted stamp sets & Cranberry grosgrain ribbon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Typeset - Homecoming Parade layout for Monthly Scrap Class

Tuesday night was my monthly scrap class with a wonderful group of ladies.  I thoroughly enjoy this night!  As I might have shared on an older post, whoever is the Hostess of the month, I let them choose their paper pack and a layout theme.  This month Cheryl chose a Homecoming theme.  We made it to the Homecoming parade this year but not the game, so I used those pictures on my layouts.  In my group of ladies, we range from moms with newborns to Grandmas, so I knew not everyone would have Homecoming pictures to use.  Typeset is a great paper pack to be used for school pictures as well.  And as moms, we all have school pictures of our own kiddos or of grandkids.

The first layout below is mine with pictures.  The additional layouts are layouts I laid out on my craft table to snap pics of to email to my ladies, to give them an idea of what they can create in class.  I used the Bulk papers available to Consultants and a few other sheets from a Level 2 pack.  Also the 3 of the coordinating cardstock colors - Creme Brulee, Juniper & Vineyard Berry.  Just gotta love Close to my Heart's B&T Duo papers that have a different design on the front and back, makes for so many options!
 All supplies used are CTMH
Typeset papers
Cardstock - Creme Brulee, Juniper, Vineyard Berry
Stamp Sets - Cherish the Day (Nov SOTM), Pennant Alphabet, Choo-Choo Train (retired) & 1st and 10 (retired)
Art Philosophy Cartridge for ticket & pennants
Milepost Shapes
Embroidery Floss

 This is the same layout prior to pictures added.
 Using Vineyard Berry cardstock.
 Using Juniper cardstock and a different sheet of Typeset paper.  Also created a Back to School pennant.
Using Vineyard Berry cardstock and flipping the B&T paper over.  Also used the "abc" Zip Strip on the right page.
Using Juniper cardstock and flipping the original notebook paper look B&T.

Again gotta love CTMH B&T's!!  All the options & versatility!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Holidays Cards

Do you need some Christmas Card inspiration?  Watch this video made by Close to my Heart's Corporate office for a quick and easy card idea!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My ghoulish family!

I just wanted to share my little ghoulish family with you!  Last year shortly after I had signed up to be a CTMH Consultant, I only had 3 friends that came to my monthly class and I had found "Frankie" somewhere on the web, so we made him in class.  Since my class size has grown and my 3 original ladies had already made little Frankie boxes, I found another Halloween item in my Inspiration folder.  So Tuesday night some in class made a "Mummy" and others made "Frankie".  My hubby's box is the Big Frank, my 2 sons each have their little Frankie boxes and yep, you guessed it, mine is the Mummy!  :o)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mischief - Autumn is in the Air layout

Here is another class layout.  This one was just from earlier this week.  We started a new rotation on Tuesday night.  It was a larger group of ladies this time, some were from the last rotation continuing on, and some were new people that I met either at the Craft Fair or the Crop for the Cure.  It was a fun night!  Below is the layout they made from class.  I love this time of the year all of the changing colors & the cooler weather!  Part of the accents were inspired by another talented Consultant Carol Labuski.  I can't get into this paper pack being used for  Halloween, so as you've seen in another post, I like to use it for Fall!

This first picture shows the layout before pictures and before I was done embellishing it.

This shows my layout with pictures added.  I took pictures around town of the changing colors.  I wanted one large picture for the left page, but I decided to use 2 pictures instead.  These were taken up on the rims by the airport in Billings, looking out across the town as the leaves are changing.

Dreamin' - Love makes a house a home layout

I have been bad lately, well not so much bad, as just busy!  I've did my first Craft Fair, which was fun and just this past weekend I did the Billings Clinic Crop for the Cure, which was lots of fun!  I will be attending this event again in the future!  I've also been helping out a lot at my boys' schools.  But this is the class layout that we did in September.  It is made using Dreamin' papers and of course the wonderful Art Philosophy cartridge for the tree.  I have to give proper credit where credit is due...  my grandma upline, the ever so talented Sheri Rottler is my inspiration on this one.  I saw this layout on Sheri's facebook page and knew I would be lifting it!   And then my hostess for the month requested we do something with Home.  She is in the process of building her home.  I had something else in mind also using the Cricut cartridge with a home on it, but I let her pick between that idea and this page layout.  You can see what won out!  Everyone thought it was very cute, so thanks Sheri!! ;o)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Items added to "While Supplies Last"

Have you been to my website lately?  Well I just checked it out today and Corporate has added a few more items to our Clearance - While Supplies Last section of our sites.  There are some of the retired My Acrylix Blocks on there, also Miracle & Bliss paper packs for $5 & $3!!

Go here to get your deals before they are gone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Consultant Sign Up Special

Do you love Close to my Heart products?  Have you considered signing up in the past?  Maybe you want to start your own business to earn your own money or help the family out with some bills or to plan a family vacation.  Or would just like to sign up as a hobbiest to get the discount?  Well now is your time, because when you sign up to be a Consultant in October you get to pick any one of the Add-On Collections for Free!!  Yes, you heard that right!  The New Consultant Kit is only $99, over $280 retail value.  Each of our three add-on collections is priced at $40 and has a retail value of $80, if you were to pick the Studio J add-on collection it is valued at over $130, so this is an incredible deal!  Contact me this month with any questions you may have about joining this wonderful company!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Crop for the Cure

Wow, where did September go?  I can't believe it will be October tomorrow.  I haven't been too crafty lately short of my monthly class last week.  My hubby and I started a pretty big landscaping project in our backyard, so that has been taking up any and all free time recently.  We have over an acre and we have a small stream that runs through it.  So we have finally tackled the lining & rocking it project.  We hope to get it finished this weekend, YEA!!   Then I can get back to some crafty stuff.

I did want to mention with October just around the corner, as most of you know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you are local to the Billings area, then I would love for you to join me as I help support Billings Clinic's Crop for the Cure.  It will be held on Saturday October 8th from 9am - 7pm.  I have signed up for their crop and will be one of the scrapbooking & stamping vendors there.  You can check it out and get signed up here.   You will have the chance to win door prizes, participate in a Cricut raffle, take part in special scrapbooking classes, and have the opportunity to participate in fun scrapbooking make-and-takes!  I will have our new Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge with me to show it off and all the fun things that can be made with it!!

Well our first load of river rock just arrived, I'm off to do some physical labor!
Hope everyone has a great Friday & wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Award

I've seen different blog awards on blogs that I follow or have viewed and never knew what they were or how they got them.  Well, I was quite excited to see in an email that I had received one!  Thanks so much to Amy McVey for this award!!  You can check out Amy's awesome blog here, if you like her creativity as much as I do make sure and follow it!

Now it is my turn to pass this award on to five of my favorite blogs with less than 200 followers.  If you like their blogs, remember to "Follow" them.  The hope is to help out some of my fellow bloggers, and get a few more followers of my own.  If you see your name/blog listed here, please pass the award on to 5 more blogs that have less than 200 followers.  Here are 5 of my favorite blogs.

Gina's Little Corner of StampinHeaven

Reflections of my Art & Soul

Shabby Mommy Blog

Creative Ramblings

Booth #32

I hope you like them as much as I do!  And remember to follow them if so!
Happy Crafting!

Cricut Mat Prep

I just found this video and thought I would share it, for all Cricut users, new and old that might not have known this little trick already.  Cricut Dan explains why you might want to prep a cutting mat before using it the first time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Craft Fair

My 1st Craft Fair went pretty good, after the rain cleared out!  I was one of the 14 outside vendors.  After watching the weather all week and it initially just showed a 20% chance of rain, my hopes were high for great weather.  Then Friday's forecast was rain Saturday morning.  Yep, I have my car loaded with tables & a canopy tent all ready to go, and off I go (with my hubby to help me) set up, in the RAIN!  I was feeling pretty bummed thinking who will want to walk around in the rain to visit vendor booths?  But after about an hour, the rain tapered off and the blue skies and sunshine showed up.  It was a nice day and I met some really great ladies that share the love of crafting like I do!  They showed interest in either joining my monthly class or having a home gathering party.  So I'm hoping it will work out that they can join us!

Next, drumroll please...  The winner of my Door Prize Drawing was Shirley Steinert!!  Congrats Shirley!!  I'll get your prize in the mail to you!  Fear not, if you entered my Door Prize Drawing but you're not Shirley, you will be receiving a little something in the mail from me also!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1st Craft Fair at The Crossings

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall day like I am!  You know that favorite sweatshirt I posted about a few days ago, well that's what I'm wearing right now as I'm busy getting things ready for my 1st Craft Fair.  It was 45 degrees when I took my boys to school this morning, brrr.  I'm super excited and a little nervous too about Saturday.  I signed up to participate in a First Annual Decor & Craft Fair at The Crossings.  So if you are local and/or in Laurel, come by and see me from 9am - 3pm!  There will be lots of vendors there, last count was over 30, including PartyLite, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Miche Bags, Lia Sophia, hand made jewelry, crocheted items, baked goods, kitchen accessories and many more!

Here is a glimpse at one item I'm working on to have out on my tables.  The Memory Game made into a Countdown to Christmas box.  I know my boys will have fun with it this year!  Yes, it seems a little early to be doing something Christmas-y but it will be here in just 3 short months!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Clearance Items Added!

Have you been over to my CTMH site lately??  Well if not, you need to go check out the new "While Supplies Last" clearance items that were just added.  There are Level 1 Kits, Irresistibles Die-Cuts, Rub-ons, Dimensional Elements Chipboard, Kraft borders, etc.

Get yours while you still can, because once they are gone, they're gone!  Go here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Grateful card

I just love this stamp set!  Could it be because I love Fall?  Yep, thinking so!  This is a video made by CTMH Corporate using the So Grateful stamp set and the base and shade technique.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Sweatshirt

I just wanted to share this picture of my favorite sweatshirt as the cooler weather starts to make its way upon us.  If you are a close friend of mine, you have seen me wear this quite a few times!  If you are a fellow CTMH Consultant and have seen me post on the message boards, then you have seen it as part of my signature at the bottom of my posts.  I've had this for quite a while now and it is one of those that will be worn until it has a hole and is pretty ratty looking.  You know like those comfortable shirts our husbands have, worn thin or have holes in them, but they do NOT want us to get rid of them.  That is this sweatshirt for me!  No where does it have holes or thin spots, but it does have a few ink stains on it, imagine that!  But I forsee it being that nasty old shirt that I won't part with down the line when it has seen better days!  It just fits me, ya know!  Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sharin' the Love in September!

You've seen I've been participating in some Scrapbook Challenges lately.  Well now an Upline has issued a Challenge to her Consultants, and I have to participate in that too!  For every CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Collection we sell, our name goes into a drawing to win a prize at the end of September.

So what does this mean for you??  If you purchase the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection (Item #Z1686) between now and Sept 30th from me, as part of the "Celebrate National Stamping Month" you will receive the Pair-a-Phrase Double Stamp Set for free.  ALSO, you will get to choose any C-size Stamp Set you want for FREE!
This shows both D-size stamp sets that make up Pair-a-Phrase.  Super cute!

So if you've been on the fence about buying this collection, let me just recap all you would receive for just $99 plus shipping!

CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge
3 Exclusive D-size Coordinating Stamp Sets
3 Sets of Dimensional Elements (chipboard) that coordinate with images on the cartridge
Pair-a-Phrase Stamp Set - that's 2 D-size Stamp Sets
And your choice of any C-size Stamp Set

Contact me if you would like to take advantage of this offer!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elemental - Don't Need Sunshine layout SC121

This is another layout I created for the Scrapbook Challenge #121.  Using Magic - Crystal Ball. 

Supplies used - Elemental papers
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
Springtime Stamp Set
Cranberry, Pacifica, Creme Brulee & Colonial White cardstock

Until next post...  Happy Craftin'!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sassy Lil' Sketches Entry - Typeset - 1st Day of School layout

I found another sketch challenge site - Sassy Lil' Sketches.  You can check them out here.  This is the layout I created for their sketch, August Week 4 Layout Sketch.  I knew almost instantly that I would be using Typeset papers and doing the picture I took of my boys the morning of their first day of school.  I hope you like my creation!  Supplies used shown below.

Supplies used all Close to my Heart, unless otherwise noted.
Typeset Papers
Typeset - My Reflections Complements
Art Philosophy Cartridge for banner & font
Designer Ribbon - Green Collection
Tiny Typewriter & Friendship Small Alphabet Stamp Sets
Vineyard Berry, Juniper, Bamboo & Creme Brulee Cardstock

Here is the sketch that I was working from.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mischief - Fall Fun layout SC120

There is a Scrapbook Challenge that was started on the CTMH Message Board by Helen Onulak.  You can check out her blog for previous challenges at  I have admired her work as well as that of the other Consultant's that posted their work.  Helen has a medical condition that is not allowing her to do the challenge temporarily, so another wonderful Consultant, Carol Labuski has stepped up to continue the challenges.  You can check out Carol's blog at  Up until now, I hadn't participated in these challenges mainly because I didn't seem to have time.  Now that my boys are both in school I am getting some more quiet crafting time during the day, so this is the layout I created for SC120 - Scrapbook Challenge #120.  I hope you like it and it might show you the versatility of the Mischief paper pack, if you are locked into it being only for Halloween.

Supplies used - Mischief paper pack
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
Harvest Happiness & So Grateful stamp sets
Color-Ready Alphabets Cork
Sunset Mini-Medley Accents Ribbon
Sunset, Barn Red & Colonial White cardstock
Detail Clear Embossing Powders

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Fun Studio J layout

Have you wondered about digital scrapbooking??  Maybe heard me mention our Studio J online digital scrapbooking software that is free to try out and use, you only have to pay for your layouts when you order them.  Well check out this video that Close to my Heart Corporate office created showing Stacy making a fun "Gone Fishing" layout.  It shows you how easy it is to change your paper colors, both cardstock and B&Ts, as well as add some fun embellishments.  I'm sure we all have lots of fun summer pictures that we need to get scrapped, I know I do!  I've been playing around in Studio J myself, getting all creative making my calendar pages for the grandparents calendars for Christmas.  I'll have to post those soon!  Until next post, go try out Studio J & let me know if you have any questions! ;o)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another wonderful video review of Art Philosophy

I just discovered another wonderful video review of the new CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy that I thought you might like to see!

To get your very own Cricut Bundle, go here.
Until next post, have a great Monday!

Studio J blog | Art Gallery : Studio J Online Design Software : Close To My Heart

I just discovered that there is a Studio J Blog! Need some ideas or info on how to use Studio J? Hop on over to the blog to find this out!

Studio J blog Art Gallery : Studio J Online Design Software : Close To My Heart

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monthly Class Layout using Lucky & Cricut!

Last night I held my monthly scrapbooking class with a wonderful group of ladies.  It is always such fun to get together with them!  I let my Hostess of the month pick which paper pack they would like to use and this month's picked Lucky.  With the use of our new Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge to cut so many fun things on the layout & I only had one stamped item, I feel almost as though I cheated on these layouts!  They came together so quickly & easily!  But I think the layout turned out cute and so did my ladies and that's what counts to me!  Here is the layout.
Supplies used:
Lucky Paper Pack
Lucky Level 2 Assortment Chipboard Accents
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
Cardstock - Outdoor Denim, Sunset, Desert Sand, Colonial White, Olive
Milepost Shapes - Stars
Wooden Buttons
Unscripted stamp set

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of the items used. 
Until next post...  happy scrappin'!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Convention's Saturday Crop

I finally finished my Convention - Create & Take from Saturday nights Crop!!  Woohoo, me!  Well, I had a good excuse, I didn't stay at the crop.  We were in Disneyland & my hubby and boys were up in the room waiting for me...  so we went to Disneyland instead!  I know Corporate completely understands on that one.  Why else would they book our Convention in the "Happiest Place on Earth" if not wanting us to bring our family & completely enjoy ourselves while there?!!  Plus, I had to get pictures printed before I could complete it!  It all sounds good, right?!!  :o)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Roxie "10 Things I Love About You" layout

This is the layout I made at Convention during one of our Create & Take classes using Roxie papers.  I'm a little behind on getting it posted.  And I still need to journal my "10 Things" on the tags.  I know they will be things like "You treat me like a princess!" and other mushy stuff like that, I just haven't written them down yet! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge Images

Here are all 700 of the images on Close to my Heart’s Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.  I have to thank Lisa Stenz, a fellow CTMH Consultant for sharing all of these images!  With the Cricut Expression using the 12"x12" mat you can cut almost every image in 47 different sizes!  That’s almost 33,000 options, WOW!  Can you imagine how much 33,000 punches would cost?  Not to mention the storage space you’d need?  I don't know about anyone else, but my craft room is already so packed I don't need anymore punches.  I love that my new cartridge doesn't take up much space! 

Check out all of these great shapes including boxes, bags, tags, banners, borders, a font, cards, envelopes, flowers (3-D and flat), and all of the incredible images that coordinate with CTMH stamp sets!   

Click on the images to enlarge.

When you purchase the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge, you’ll also receive three exclusive D-size stamp sets and three sets of Dimensional Elements (chipboard) designed to perfectly coordinate with images on the cartridge. That’s a retail value of over $120 for just for $99!  Remember all of those punches you would have to buy otherwise??  This really is a great deal! 

Go here to order your collection today!

Plus, when you order a minimum of $50 this month, and get the cute August Stamp of the Month - Wicked for only $5, you will also get a FREE A sized alphabet stamp set called A Typeface.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Enjoy" Scrapbook Page Pops with Flowers

CTMH has posted another wonderful video using the new Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge & the new My Acrylix® Hooray Bouquet stamp set.  That is another stamp set I won at Convention, YEA!  I really need to go create this page!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Autumn/Winter Idea Book

The new Idea Book is officially live!  Contact me to get your copy!  Lots of wonderful new products, lower stamp prices & the new exclusive CTMH Cricut Cartridge Art Philosophy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge Review Video

I know my last post was about the Cricut "Hello Thursday" email that I received and a link to check it out on the Cricut site.  Well I also stumbled upon a video review of the cartridge made by a fellow CTMH Consultant, Mandy Leahy.  You should really check out her video.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge

I know, I've posted about it before, Close to my Heart partnered with ProvoCraft & we now have an exclusive Cricut Cartridge Art Philosophy that coordinates with our stamps, has a font, does 3D items, etc., etc., etc.  I have had a baby bug Cricut machine for a quite a while now.  My wonderful hubby bought it for me for Christmas years ago.  Anyway, I receive the Cricut newsletter emails and today's "Hello Thursday" email features our new cartridge!!  Woohoo, so exciting!  You can click thru and see so many wonderful things this cartridge can do.    I will post the link in below.

Cricut - Hello Thursday    This takes you to the Cricut site.  On the top left hand side of the page you will see a bookshelf with flowers on it and the Blue Cartridge case with Art Philosophy.  Click on that and drool over all of the wonderful things it shows you can make.  And that doesn't show you everything!  I can't wait to open mine and start creating.  But I'm thinking I really need to splurge and get the Expression! ;o)  Let me know if you want to get your hands on this wonderful new cartridge.

Monday, July 25, 2011

CTMH Convention Fun Video

This is a video Corporate made which is a collection of just some of the fun had at Convention this year at Disneyland!  I can be seen with my upline, Mandy and some of the Michigan ladies (Hope, Cyndi, Stephani, Me, Mandy, JuliAnne & Holly) from our team at about 30 seconds into the video.

Art Philosophy Cricut® Collection

Here is a sneak peek at the wonderful new Cricut Cartridge collection available August 1st from Close to my Heart.  I cannot wait to get mine so I can start playing & creating some of the beautiful items I saw at Convention!  To order your collection in a few days go here.